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Sebastian Wismayer

Growth Director at BCG Digital Ventures
I'm passionate about digital marketing and leveraging analytics to gain market insights. This includes growth strategy, hands-on execution, and ongoing optimization of digital businesses.

Frequently, companies have a disconnected digital strategy, where channels and products operate in isolation, thereby leading to a fragmented digital offering.

By driving a multi-channel growth strategy that includes product and audience insights, businesses are much more likely to succeed.


Things that I love doing.

Without knowing where their digital offerings stand, companies cannot effectively improve them holistically. Through an audit, gaps emerge and a prioritization blueprint can be mapped out.

Retargeting is about more than simply marketing to all previous site visitors. Retargeting needs to segment users based on past actions, their intent, and location in the marketing funnel.

With over 2.2 billion monthly active users, your target audience is definitely on Facebook. The challenge lies in finding, segmenting, and appropriately reaching them in the right way.

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Shared Mobility – App update frequency tied to customer satisfaction

A recent analysis by Lufthansa Innovation Hub looked at the 10 leading airline carriers and determined the frequency with which they released a new version of their app. They conclude that faster release cycles allows developers to more rapidly improve and add features, indicating an app development team that is well integrated with the other […]

GDPR-Conform Cookie Consent with GTM – Step-by-Step Visual Guide

This is the next iteration of the original cookie consent guide I wrote. The new version works the following way: Cookies are divided into one of four categories using a free consent management platform: (1) Strictly necessary cookies, (2) functional cookies, (3) analytics/performance cookies, and (4) marketing cookies The user lands on your site and […]

[Guide] Setting up GDPR-compliant cookie consent without sacrificing data

I am not a lawyer and this guide is not meant as legal advice. Instead, consider it a best practice recommendation that lets your cookie consent form be compliant without overdoing it. There are many real-life examples of companies that are so over-compliant, they’re undoubtedly losing valuable analytics insights even though there is no legal […]

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